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Welcome to Recombu: A note from the editor

I’m a mobile phone expert. I get excited by bizarre acronyms and enjoy spending most of my days explaining them. Still, the two mobile questions I’m asked more often than any others are: “What phone should I buy?” followed quickly by: “What’s the best deal?”

You’ll understand why I was interested when renowned entrepreneur Jamie Harwood said he had an idea about helping people buy phones. is the product of Jamie’s and my vision to help people choose and then buy a phone. It’s a simple idea that we think really works.

‘Recombu’ is a portmanteau of the words read, compare and buy, and our site aims to help you with all three. We have a fantastic editorial team who will provide news and reviews, but the site is also designed to let users write their own opinions and to discuss phones too.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the team behind Recombu who have worked incredibly hard to get us off the ground: David Phelan, Emily Mansfield, James Breckenridge, Karl Sharpe, Mark White, Matt Holmes, Owen Gerrard, Tim Gregg, Tom Newton, Shannon Doubleday, Steve King, Stuart Dredge and Susi Weaser.

I really hope you like what we’ve done. Forgive us our launch hiccups and do let us know your thoughts on how things are working. You’ll notice that there isn’t a search function yet — we do have one that will be made available as soon as possible.


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