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Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the new! Regular visitors should, we hope, be delighted to see that we’ve given the place a bit of a tidy up.

Actually we’ve gutted the entire thing and started from fresh, Extreme Makeover-style. The site has been redesigned from top to bottom with a fresh new look and a state of the art back end.

Check out the new!

The new is not only more attractive, with a nicer aesthetic design and prettier pictures, but is also easier to use. The site uses responsive design principles, so it’s easier to find, read and share the content you’re looking for.

When your Web browser is at full width, you’ll find your content lavishly splayed across your screen. Should you want to browse cat videos while you surf, then go ahead and resize your browser – our site layout will adapt fluidly, keeping the most important information readily visible, making best use of the available space. Try it for yourself!

It’s now even easier to find the stories that interest you, thanks to an enhanced search system, whizzy new story suggestion technology, a new image gallery tool and an enhanced video page with our latest multimedia musings.

Of course, you’ll still be able to access our product finder tools, which let you filter products in all manner of ways. After a new phone? Simply browse by contract type, manufacturer or network type. Want new broadband or TV? Enter your postcode and we’ll find the best deals in your area. How about a new car? Our car finder technology is simplicity itself.

And we’ve even hidden away some bonus easter eggs, including a playable version of a classic mobile game…

We’re constantly finding new ways to improve the site, so keep your eyes peeled for future improvements. While you’re here, feel free to let us know whether you like the new design, what improvements you want to see in future, or just give us a thumbs up in the comments below.

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