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What are most vuvuzela apps missing? An anime girl.

It’s probably a bit late to be releasing a vuvuzela iPhone app and expecting to make big money from it, if we’re honest. The USA and England have both crashed out of the World Cup, so we’ve lost interest in novelty horn apps. And if you’re releasing a vuvuzela app featuring an anime girl, it’s also worth noting that Japan exited the tournament this week too.

Still, developer HongWei Liu has released Vuvuzela Girl, which adds a cartoonish feminine spin to the vuvuzela craze. Or, as the blurb puts it: “You can use this app for cheer in some sport game, And there have an anime girl you can change color and produce sound for you.”

Horizontal sliders let you tweak your girl’s hair, eye, skin, clothes and vuvuzela colours. It’s a nice idea, but one that would probably have had more chance of success if it had been released a couple of weeks ago.


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