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What is Apple Clips? How to use Apple’s new photo and video app

Apple has announced a new super simple way to capture and edit video on iPhone and iPad, called Apple Clips. Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple Clips app, including how to download and use it on your iOS device.

The new Apple Clips app offers a quick way to knock together simple, shareable videos similar to those found on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook – but right there within Apple’s own framework. As you’d expect, that means a clean and easy-to-use app that lets you overlay text, animation filters and more, without any effort or technical knowledge required.

So how can you get involved? What can you do? And when will it all be at your fingertips? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Apple Clips.

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What is Apple Clips?

Apple Clips is a simple-to-use way to record and edit video (and photos) on the fly, but with plenty of interactions you’ll recognise from other familiar video apps. It includes animations, music and plenty more effects which can be added with just a tap, to make your videos more personal and fun.

Thanks to Apple’s experience in this area with the likes of Final Cut Pro and iMovie, you can be sure that Apple Clips will be a well-designed tool that’s easy to use, yet plenty powerful.

How does Apple Clips work?

The app itself is similar to Snapchat or Instagram, in that a press and hold of the record button captures footage. Recording stops as soon as you let go again. You can keep doing this over and over to capture as much footage as you want, all in one go. You can also capture photos at the same time, with a simple tap rather than a press.

When you’ve captured all that you need, the editing fun begins.

Apple Clips allows you to play around with the order of your recordings, add in photos and throw in some music overlay options. Apple has offered up dozens of music tracks to pick from. However, the really fun part come from what Apple is calling Live Tiles.

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How do Live Tiles work?

The Live Tiles feature allows you to create animated captions for overlaying in your videos and photo collages. This, cleverly, is activated using your voice alone. The reason for this is to make overlaying clips a hands-free experience.

As the clip plays, you can simply talk to your iPhone and the words will be translated into text which appears in time as you say it out loud. These can then be displayed in different ways, with options that include comic book filters, speech bubbles, shapes, emoji and full-screen animation posters.

How do I share Apple Clips videos?

Apple isn’t being controlling when it comes to Clips. Sure, you’ll be able to share your videos via Apple’s own Messages, but you can also upload your creations to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other services.

What is the Apple Clips release date?

Apple Clips is available now to download from the Apple App Store for iOS devices. That includes iPhone 5S and newer, the iPad Mini 2 and newer plus the iPod Touch sixth-generation. You’ll need to be running iOS 10.3 to make sure the Apple Clips app works.

How much is Apple Clips?

Despite Apple Clips being a video creation app that works with other video apps, Apple is giving it away for free. Presumably it’s Apple’s way of competing with Instagram and Snapchat, without users needing another app to make videos.


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