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What is Flyover on iOS 6?

So you’ve picked up a new iPhone 5, set up iCloud, your photostreams, Facebook and taken a few snaps through that sapphire crystal-laden camera lens, you may have even made use of the new Maps application without issue, so what next?

If you cast your mind back to the unveiling of iOS 6 and of course the reveal of the iPhone 5, Apple were extremely proud of one of the additional features integrated into the new Maps app and that was Flyover.


The new service has been implemented in the iOS 6 iteration of Maps and features on the iPhone 4S and 4 as well. In procuring a number of mapping companies, Apple also took the time to capture high resolution imagery of cities around the world; from their HQ in Cupertino, to New York, to London, to Sydney, some 50 key locations have been captured in wonderful aerial detail, but it’s what Apple has then proceeded to do with these new images that makes Flyover all the more impressive.

Whilst using the Maps application, when in an area that has been captured for Flyover, users will be able to view the city in high quality rendered 3D. Buildings have been accurately mapped, photographed and scaled over a polygonal mesh so that they actually enable the user to ‘fly’ through and around the city.

As you can see above, we tested Flyover in a number of key locations around the world and the number of cities and landmarks supported by the service is expected to increase as time goes on. So long as your Maps app is set to Hybrid or Satellite view and you’re in one of those 50 locations, you should be able to show off Flyover to your friends as Apple did to the world just a few months ago.


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