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What is Google Project Fi: New European partnership with Three explained

Google has partnered with Three to expand its Project Fi service into Europe, but does that mean Europeans can actually use it?

What is Project Fi?

If you live outside of the US, you might not be familiar with Project Fi, but in the company’s own words it’s a network that ‘connects across networks’. Stateside, Project Fi lets customers jump across multiple 3G and 4G cellular, as well as WiFi networks from a variety of providers to ensure that their devices can maintain the fastest and most reliable connection at all times.

Google also offers a home broadband package, but whether you’re using Fi at home or on the go it costs $10 per 1GB and that price applies when users travel internationally too.

Three – Fi’s new European partner

Project Fi is available in over 135 countries and part of that expansion is facilitated by a new partnership with carrier Three. As such a major network, Three gives Google instant access to an existing fast 4G LTE network throughout much of Europe and the UK. This means users can now roam in these areas without the worry of being throttled as on traditional international services, which usually limit users to (at best) 3G speeds.

The company is promising Fi speeds of “10 to 20 times faster than before” in markets Three already has a presence in. Beyond the United Kingdom, this also includes Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, and Sweden. However, despite now having a reliable partner within these markets, Google doesn’t appear ready to roll out Project Fi as a purchasable product within Europe.

For the time being only roamers from Google’s homeland can enjoy the benefits of Fi’s international versatility, those over here will have to remain content with products like Feel At Home from Three UK.

Here’s the official Project Fi spot:

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