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Three: Guide to MiFi

A MiFi is a small, portable WiFi hotspot you can use anywhere with a 3G connection. Three was the first UK network to introduce a MiFi device and now all networks offer them under various names.

Compact enough to fit into your pocket, a MiFi is a convenient solution for getting online if data isn’t included in your mobile phone tariff, or if you own a tablet without 3G connectivity.

What differentiates a MiFi device from a broadband dongle is that multiple people can use it to get online simultaneously.  Five people can connect at same time – whether they are using a mobile phone, laptop or tablet, they just need to be within 10m of the MiFi.

MiFi’s are exceptionally easy to use. Locate the MiFi device using your WiFi settings, enter the password and you can get online.

Three currently has three devices in its MiFi line-up. The Huawei E5331 Value MiFi, Huawei Black MiFi and Huawei White MiFi each includes a small screen with indicators showing the signal, WiFi connection, data use and battery strength. 

Inside each MiFi there’s a 3G SIM card.  Much like a mobile phone you can sign up to a pay monthly tariff or top up using pay as you go. Prices vary depending how much data you need and how long the contract is, check out the video below to find out more or visit the Three website.


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