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What the Doodle!? Pictionary-esque fun for Android

What the Doodle!? is a real-time multiplayer game that’s perhaps best thought of as Pictionary on your phone with strangers.

Once you’ve signed in and entered your name you can start looking for games. Most games take up ten rounds and consist of five players.

The majority of the time will be spent as a ‘Guesser’, where you have to correctly guess somebody’s drawing for points. You do this by tapping the icon on the right when you think you’ve got it and tapping in your answer.

In a standard ten round game you get the chance to be a ‘Drawer’ twice. Whenever someone gets close to correctly guessing you can tell them if they’re ‘warm’ or not by tapping a button which will make everyone’s phone vibrate.

Artistic flair helps of course, as you also earn points if people correctly guess your picture. One of my words was ‘goose’ and somebody guessed ‘ekranoplan‘. It definitely looked like a goose, trust me.

Unfortunately it’s also very trollable. You occasionally get players signing in and drawing a giant penis. In this respect it’s more like Chatroulette than Pictionary.

Most players however are sensible and make WTD!? a fun game to while away the lunch hour on. It works best over Wi-Fi, so if you’re waiting for a friend in a cafe you can give WTD!? a quick go. Whilst it works over 3G it’s laggier than over Wi-Fi and is prone to force closing in larger games.

WTD Lite gives you access to the easiest difficulty setting and limits the extent to which you can customise your profile. The full version gives you access to harder difficulties and team matches plus allows you to doodle your own custom pic.

Note that though the price for the full version of WTD!? is listed as £2.99, when you add the VAT it works out at £3.51.

Tested on a Nexus One (2.1, unrooted).


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