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Cortana slinking onto Android this July

Microsoft’s intelligent digital assistant Cortana will hit Android devices next month, bringing a chatty alternative to Google Now.

Microsoft has made no secret of its desire to spread Cortana around, regardless of the device people choose to use. Now we know that she’s coming to Android this July, albeit in beta form, although there’s still no noise of an iOS version so we can ditch Siri.

Microsoft divulged its plans for the voice assistant during a post-E3 blog entry, where it talked about what users can expect of Cortana when she arrives on Android this summer, ahead of the Windows 10 launch – and also on the Xbox One during autumn.

Cortana’s performance on Android won’t be quite as smart as the Windows version, with the main purpose of her multi-platform existence being to keep you informed even when you’re not staring at your Windows phone.

So for instance, your reminders will now pop up on a range of devices. If you need to buy some milk at a certain time, Cortana will make an appearance on your PC or console and give you a nudge, or your Android tablet too.

Of course, the beta tag indicates that the app is going to be a work in progress when it hits Android, with no word yet on how long she’ll remain in the development phase. Still, we’ve got a feeling it might not be as long as Apple’s Siri, who stayed in beta for over two years.


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