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When will my Lumia phone get the Windows 10 update?

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is rolling out in 2015 to desktops, tablets and mobiles – but is your Lumia phone supported and when will it upgrade to Windows 10?

Will my Lumia phone get Windows 10?

Good news if you have a Windows Phone 8 handset, as Microsoft has already confirmed that your mobile will be supported when Windows 10 rolls out later in 2015.

If you’re sporting an elderly Windows Phone 7 device, then you’ll need to upgrade to a new Windows Phone mobile to enjoy Windows 10. If you’re on a budget, we recommend the super-cheap Lumia 435 or the value-packed Lumia 640 – check out our ‘best affordable phones‘ feature.

To check which version of Windows Phone you’re running, go to your phone’s settings menu and then scroll down to ‘about’. You should see a listing for software, which tells you the exact version of Windows Phone currently installed – for instance, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. Anything from 8.0 upwards is good.

When will my Lumia phone be updated to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is set to hit desktop PCs and laptops in summer 2015, with speculation suggesting late July or early August. However, Microsoft has admitted that the mobile version isn’t quite so ready, and a lower priority right now – which means it will likely be autumn time before your Lumia phone receives an update.

We’ll update as soon as we hear a definite date from Microsoft.


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