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White iPhone erased from Apple Online store. Gone for good?

Apple’s online store went offline for some time yesterday, and rumours were this could be the long-awaited release of the white iPhone 4.

It turns out, when the store came back, it was quite the opposite- with several references and pictures of the white wonder scrubbed from the site. It’s gone from the buying options, and been deleted from the iPhone gallery, according to Italian site,

We’ve pored through the UK Apple store, and the picture we’ve popped in here seems to be the last reference to it- seems like the phone is still trapped in blanc purgatory.

We were truly expecting the phone would appear in the next few months, after the Apple VP even deigned to tweet about it, saying it would arrive in Spring 2011, and that it was “a beauty.”

So which one is it? In or out? And what do you think the reason is? Will be we have to wait for the iPhone 4S/5 before we ever get to cradle the whiPhone in our hands?


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