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White Nexus S sneaks out on 12 month Vodafone contracts: £179 on a £35 a month deal

We’ve been tracking down the endangered albino Google Nexus S for some time now and are pleased to report that this graceful beast has just emerged on 12 month Vodafone contracts, starting at £25 a month.

The super-flexible £35 deal gets you 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data a month, and requires just 12 months of commitment from you, the customer.

£40 a month gets you double the minutes, the same unlimited texts and the same allowance on data.

For £45 you get 900 minutes and the same deal on data and texts again. £50 of your money gets you a whopping 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and a more meaty 750MB of data per month.

Both of these last two contracts come with an additional 25MB a day in selected European destinations, which might save you a spot of bother if you want to quickly check Facebook when you’re on holiday.

The only slight catch is that the white Nexus S isn’t free on any of the Vodafone 12 month deals. On the £35 deal, the asking price is £179. On the £40 deal it drops to £139, and it’s £99 on the £45 tariff. On the priciest 12 month plan, the Nexus S costs £59.

By law, all UK networks will have to offer 12 month plans by May this year. So these prices could be the shape of tariffs to come, for high-end devices like the Nexus S at any rate.

We’re chasing up Vodafone for a comment on exactly which European destinations are covered by the £45 and £50 deals. We were unable to glean any further info from the deals page we spotted earlier. Check back here before you book your budget airline flight won’t you?


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