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White Nokia Lumia 800 incoming?

Could Nokia be readying a white version of the Nokia Lumia 800? Information online reveals a white edition is heading to Portugal and Switzerland.

XDA Developers has discovered firmware information detailing a White version of the phone for Switzerland and Portugal.

In addition VoodooKing has a screenshot of DataPackageManager (see below), used for searching for Nokia ROM’s. This refers to the Nokia 800 RM-801 in white for Vodafone Portugal and Switzerland.

White phones are incredibly fashionable at the moment. With the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Apple iPhone 4S, Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Note all available in sparkling white,

Before Christmas we revealed that the Meego touting Nokia N9 would be available in a white version, considering the Lumia 800 shares a near identical chassis, it’s hardly surprising news.

At the time Frank Zillikens from Nokia stated: ‘The manufacturing process for beautiful white products is quite complex and we wanted to make sure we deliver the best possible quality for our consumers.’

In the UK we can currently choose between the black and cyan versions, but we’d really like to see a white version. What do you think of the white version of the Lumia 800? Would you buy it? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook.

Via: XDA  Via: WP Central



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