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Who needs a Galaxy Note? Samsung Galaxy S2 gets notepad ‘features’

Steal the Galaxy Note’s thunder much? Granted a paper notepad may not have innovation of a capacitive stylus – but nor does it have the mind-boggling price-tag; this is a mere £16 (1980 YEN).

Manufacturer of several ‘innovative’ accessories and cases for all the big selling smartphones, Sanko will start selling this sweet filofax-esque case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 – already out in Japan.


Looking all business, and imaginatively titled the “GALAXY S II NOTEPAD” the leather case has space for both your wafer-thin dual-core smartphone and a similarly thick notepad on the other side – those notepads are replaceable too, mind.

The idea is to give you a place to jot down ideas and details that could possibly leave your short-term memory in teh five seconds it takes to get into your memo app or phone book. This being a Japan-based product, there’s also space behind the notepad for contactless payment cards – you know, that NFC stuff that we’re all getting excited about.

With the case, the slimline SGS2 will bloat out to 129mm thick, but the case keeps the phone light, adding a minimal 60g. You can check out more details here – best start checking all those international sellers.

Via: DataCider


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