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Wikipathia: How to get from Sex to SMS in five moves

It’s easy to spend several hours drifting across Wikipedia, clicking on related articles and eventually finding yourself miles off from where you started. After initially reading up on an absurdist, existentialist tragicomedy you’ve somehow found yourself drifting onto a page about Hitler (thereby proving Godwin’s Law).

Now app makers Urbain (who made the Retro Camera Android app) have reproduced the experience and made a game out of it for iPhones and Android devices.

The object of Wikipathia is get from one subject to another in as few moves as possible – think six degrees of separation.

Wikipathia randomly selects two Wikipedia articles and challenges you to get from one to another using article links in as few moves as possible. The first challenge served up to us was, unbelievably, to get to ‘SMS’ from ‘Sex’ This is easily done by way of going from Sex > Cybersex  > Phone sex > Sexting > Texting > SMS. Elementary no?

Other challenges Wikipathia threw at us included geting to ‘Batman’ from ‘Punk Subculture’ and ‘Gardening’ from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

It’s free, a bit of a laugh and essentially a mobile version of The Wiki Game, only one you can play in the pub with your mates.


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