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Windows 8 Store: An insight into the next mobile Marketplace?

Windows Store, the Windows 8 app market is being readied for a public preview as we type, and those sharp shooters over at The Verge have managed to get some exclusive info on games which will be making their way to the platform. Why does this matter to the world of mobile? Simple – given the latest word on Windows Phone 8 apps sharing a whole lot of code with Windows 8 itself, there’s every chance that games on the list which aren’t already on the Windows Phone platform will make their way to it soon enough. There’s also information on pricing and app payment that could pertain to the phone market as well which will affect developers.

Starting with games, here’s a list of what will be available on launch:

  • Hydro Thunder
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Reckless Racing
  • Angry Birds
  • Ilomilo
  • Rocket Riot
  • Full House Poker
  • Tentacles
  • Crash Course
  • Ms Splosion Man
  • Wordament

Yes, that means that odds are, Reckless Racing, an Android favourite will probably arrive with Windows Phone 8 or possibly even before. Now moving onto payment, Microsoft’s Windows Store will enable developers to sumbit free apps or charge between $1.49 and $999 per app, with 30% of all proceeds going to Microsoft. After an app reaches $25,000 in sales, this figure is brought down to 20%.

The preview for Windows Store is expected later this month with these games on board, but only when Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo launches will we see just how integrated Windows 8 and its ecosystem will be with Microsoft’s mobile variant.


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