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Microsoft adding support for small tablets with high resolutions to Windows 8.1

One of the major new features of Windows 8.1 is proper scaling support for high-resolution screens, eliminating tiny icons and elements that often led to frustration. That’s great for devices currently available today, but what about the future? Microsoft is already thinking ahead, according to The Verge, with a slide at one of its Build sessions showing developer tools that support a range of different screen sizes and resolutions.

The most notable items on the list, though, include options for 7-inch displays with 1920×1200 resolutions, as well as 10.6-inch devices with an even higher 2560×1440 resolution. DPI scaling would then boost Windows elements by 140% and 180% respectively. Even though displays with those resolutions are rare right now, it’s telling to see Microsoft working in support for any potential devices from manufacturers in the future.

It could even mean that Microsoft is working on a new version of the Surface Pro with a 2560×1440 resolution. The current Surface Pro has 10.6-inch display 1920×1080 display, and there aren’t really any other OEMs using panels of that specific size. Still, Microsoft didn’t announce any new Surface models at its Build conference – if it were to refresh the Surface Pro, it would probably be towards the end of the year.


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