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Windows Marketplace update: Install apps to microSD

Microsoft is showing all signs of doing a Motorola, i.e. getting its mojo back. Not only is Windows Phone 7 getting us all hot under the collar, but a recent update for Windows Marketplace for Mobile also allows users to install apps onto microSD cards. This is great news if you had a phone with a small amount of internal memory that would otherwise get quickly eaten up by apps.

While this is good news for Windows Mobile users, we’d really like to see Google take a leaf out of Microsoft’s book here. As we’ve said before, we’d love to be able to save apps to storage cards on the Google Nexus One which, for all its niceties, features a namby pamby 512MB of internal storage. That whopping 16GB card you whack into the phone will feel like dead weight unless you can move some apps onto it. Come on Google, make it ‘appen.

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