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Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace to be shut down

Microsoft has announced it’s will be shutting down Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x services for mobile phones running the Windows Mobile operating system. Windows Mobile 6.x was of course the company’s old operating system – before Windows Phone was launched.

An email sent to Windows Mobile 6.x customers states:

In short, if you own a handset running Windows Mobile 6.x, you’ll no longer be able to get any apps or app updates, because the marketplace will be shut down from May 9th. Although apps may still be available from  third-party developers.

Microsoft has also warned that it a handset running Windows 6.x is now wiped or hard reset, all the phone data – including applications bought through the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace will be deleted.

Customers are being advised to: ‘review the applications or games installed on your Windows Mobile 6.x phone and install any available updates in advance of the shut-down.’

While this will be sad news for owners of Windows Mobile handsets, it’s hardly surprising. Mobile phones that run the OS aren’t being made any more, as Microsoft tries to tempt people to it’s Windows Phone platform.


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