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Windows Phone 7 gets Angry Birds, Sonic and other animals this Spring

Microsoft have announced their gaming line-up for the next few months, and yes, finally a version of Angry Birds (co-developed between Roxio and Microsoft games studio) will be making its way to Windows Marketplace.

In a list of ageing games seen elsewhere already,  other forthcoming mobile game include Plants Vs Zombies, Doodle Jump, and the first instalment of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. We’re hoping there are more games not included on their ‘must-have games’ list, as the WinPho7 gaming scene is still rather sparse.

Other games include racer Hydro Thunder Go, and tower defence game, geoDefence. Games are set to arrive April 6 2011.

The games will have inter-connectivity to your XBox Live account, so you can show off those top scores, or just how much free time you have to spend.

No prices have been set yet, but expect them to float around the prices seen on iTunes and Android Market.


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