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Windows Phone 7 has a ball with Super Monkeys

Rearrange the headline, and that’s the game; Super Moneky Ball, now available to download for Windows Phone 7. The latest  from Microsoft’s Must Have Games selection, if you’ve played Super Monkey Ball anywhere else, you’ll know the drill.

The aim of the game is to navigate your monkey in a ball down a series of increasingly tricky courses, in a combination of a tilting marble game, crazy golf, and simians. (Note; not Symbian.)

The Windows Phone 7’s luscious screen does the game justice, and although the monkey has been replaced by a 2D cartoon stand-in (unlike the iPad version) the game seems just as responsive as other versions we’ve played on iDevices.

As with the rest of the games on Windows Phone 7, you can trial the game for free if you’re unsure whether to part with £3.99. Pay for the whole game, and you’ll get a whole range of levels and extra features.



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