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Windows Phone 7: It’s so good we almost clapped


We finally got to see Microsoft’s next mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, and we’re not disappointed. It seems that Microsoft has finally figured out that we didn’t like Windows Mobile and created something rather special.

Windows Phone 7 looks and feels like a modern operating system. Each section is split up into stylish ‘hubs’ that are easy to navigate. Microsoft is making sure that its new OS only runs on devices that can handle it, specifying a capacitive screen, among other features.

There’s a focus on social networking and gaming – you’ll have access to Xbox Live games and profiles. We had a quick go with it on a demo screen and it works really well, in fact we’re so impressed we think that Microsoft is officially back in the game.

There’s no denying that certain sections look very similar to competing OSs and that Microsoft has taken note of certain trends but it has added its own touches. This isn’t just a copied OS, there are integrated features, such as Outlook Calendar functionality, which add a new dimension to the mobile landscape. We’re excited, are you?


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