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Windows Phone 7 phones to get cut and paste and other updates over the air, plus a host of new games

All Windows Phone 7 phones will be getting a handful of updates in the next few months, according to Steve Ballmer. At Microsoft’s keynote speech at CES, Ballmer said that updates will bring such joys as faster loading times, faster task switching and (joy of joys!) cut and paste.

In contrast to Android updates, Microsoft’s CEO said that a series of updates over the next few months would be “automatically pushed” onto customers’ phones, and won’t be limited by operators having to create specific builds.

Microsoft’s decision to control the minimum specs means that updating across the whole range of Windows 7 phones should prove easier than trying to do the same on Android phones which have varying spec.

MobileCrunch also reports that a slew of new games are due to hit the platform, including the latest Need for Speed, Assassin’s Creed, PES 2011, and Monopoly.

Source: The Register via Microsoft


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