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Windows Phone 7 to get NFC in near-future

That’s according to Bloomberg, who has been talking to sources who say that Microsoft is planning to include Near Field Communication (NFC) into its future plans for Windows Phone 7.

Apple is rumoured to include NFC chips into its next iPhone, but then its also rumoured not to be.

Although the only mainstream smartphone packing NFC is Google’s Nexus S, many believe huge take-up is just around the corner, and in the coming years we’ll be swishing our phones to pay for lots of small-change items, from bus tickets to newspapers to coffee.

NFC could also be used to exchange contacts between phone, as well as other small data, like pictures, web links, logins and more.

But one of the main issues at the moment is that NFC requires that there’s enough terminals to accept payment through the technology, and simply enough ‘take up’ by companies to provide NFC content in posters and other media.

Blackberry has said that its future phones will have NFC capability, while Samsung announced  their first NFC-SIM phone, the Wave 578, earlier this year

Talk of Microsoft’s intention to include NFC are bolstered by their recent partner, Nokia, who are set to house the technology in their Symbian smartphones this year. (And perhaps Nokia Windows Phone 7 next year.)

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