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Windows Phone 7 to support tethering, networks could still rain on the parade

Like the elusive sasquatch, tethering is one of those things that could exist but you’re unlikely to have seen with your own eyes. This is because networks hold all the cards in the tethering arena, and on handsets like the iPhone the costs are so extortionately high that only a millionnaire or someone seriously keen on 3G would pay them (we imagine).

Still, it has emerged that Windows Phone 7 handsets will be capable of being used as a 3G modem for external devices (i.e. a laptop or tablet etc). Whether or not you’ll be able to actually use the functionality will depend on the network the handset is on and what it decides to charge for the service. Still, with all five of the UK’s major networks committed to Win Pho, there should be a good range of options to choose between.

[TWiT via IntoMobile]


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