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Windows Phone 7 Update: Coming in March, with more updates later this year

And we thought it was just around the corner.

During Microsoft’s press event at Mobile World Congress today, Steve Balmer announced that the copy-and-paste update we’ve been dreaming about is still some time away.

Expect it to arrive around the second half of March, and include better integration with Microsoft‘s Bing and their own app and music store, Windows Marketplace.

Other features set to be included in future updates include Twitter integration into the Winpho7’s People hub. Microsoft also talked of cloud-based document access through an Office hub.

One of the big updates is set to be the change to Internet Explorer 9, which, through hardware and graphic acceleration, promises us a”dramatically enhanced web browser experience”, according to the press release.

There will also be a sort-of-multitasker, similar to Apple’s offering, where users will be able to switch between apps, able to resume from where they left.

Microsoft even demoed Kinect integration on their phone. Baffling as to why, like tech journalist Leila Makki tweeted, isn’t the point of the Kinect the ability to play hands-free?

Microsoft promise that their Windows Phone 7 customers will be getting all these updates before the end of 2011. Given how long we’ve waited for the copy-paste update, we’ll wait with bated breath.


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