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Six Nokia and Samsung Windows Phone 8 devices discovered

Discovering unreleased mobile phones and downloading wallpapers are two actions which don’t usually directly cross paths, but the existence of six new Windows Phone 8 devices have emerged thanks to the developers behind ‘Love HD Wallpapers’.

Chinese site WPDang received a screen grab from the devs who managed to uncover the Windows Phone device database whilst testing their application. The list of devices running different builds of Windows Phone 8 is around 24-strong, with most of the builds listed falling under virtual machines. It’s the branded devices which stick out however, with items appearing from both Samsung and Nokia as well as a curious third named device; the Juggernaut Alpha.

Windows Phone 8 developer list

Whether this is a new manufacturer or an alternative operating name for one of the companies who’ve already signed up to be a Windows Phone 8 partner is unclear, but the name certainly generates intrigue. Samsung also list one device, unfortunately using its model name alone, but we can assume that the SGH-I687 will be the first Sammy WP8 handset on the scene.

Unsurprisingly it’s Nokia who have the largest selection of hidden handsets undergoing WP8 trials. The Nokia Phi and Nokia Fluid are names which have already been banded around the internet but the existence of the Nokia P4301 and Nokia Dogphone (yes, you read right) are new additions.

In this instance, it’s the P4301 that provides the most interest, primarily from its use of the letter ‘P’, which we suspect could stand for ‘PureView’. Talk of a Lumia PureView is rife and as the launch of Windows Phone 8 draws nearer, so does the potential for a flagship Lumia with true Nokia imaging potential.


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