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Windows Phone Blue screenshots hint at improved multitasking, new notification centre

The one thing that Windows Phone is crucially missing is a notification center, although that feature may soon be only the way. The Verge spotted screenshots taken by a Reddit user who bought a Nokia Lumia 920 running an as of yet unreleased build of Windows Phone 8. According to the screenshots, Microsoft intends to add a notification center not unlike what you’d find on Android or iOS.

The screenshots show that Microsoft intends to offer some customisation options to the notifications too. The phone could alert you to any available Wi-Fi networks – just like Android – as well as notify you when there are system updates. It looks like there will be granular controls for which apps have access to the notification center too, a feature we’ve seen in the past on iOS.

Other changes in the Windows Phone build include a tweaked calendar app, as well as a new feature that will let users sort apps depending on how frequently they’re accessed. Multitasking improvements may be added as well, with the screenshots showing a familiar “X” button that will let you close apps in the main multitasking view.

The Verge has heard from sources that this is an early version of Windows Phone Blue, but seeing as this is an early build we may not see all these improvements in the final version. Still, Microsoft is holding its annual Build developer conference on June 26th, so we may find out more about the next version of Windows Phone sooner rather than later


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