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Windows Phone Marketplace revealed: Looking pretty tasty


Microsoft is out in Vegas hosting its MIX10 event for developers and web designers and has been revealing a whole host of delicious tidbits for Windows Phone 7 fans. Obviously it’s very developer-orientated at this stage but we’re mightily impressed with the look of Windows Phone Marketplace.

There have been screenshots of it around for a few weeks now, but the official Windows Phone 7 Marketplace was revealed yesterday – and it’s got us drooling all over our keyboards.

The panoramic sweep is a million miles away from Apple’s App Store and we’re glad to see Microsoft has steered clear of just repurposing an Apple design (coughcoughVistacough). The panoramic navigation tool extends through from the Marketplace home to the various categories, where you can then click through to find out more details about a specific app. Apps, music and games can be bought either via credit card or your phone bill, and favourite downloads can be kept on a Quick Launch screen for easy access.

It’s safe to say we’re getting pretty excited about Windows Phone 7 – with a new iPhone scheduled, HTC knocking Android handsets out of the park and Microsoft’s return to form, 2010 is shaping up to be a year to remember.

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