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Windows Phone Marketplace surpasses 40,000 published apps

Windows Phone has certainly come a long way since its inception, and now there’s another milestone to celebrate. According to data from All About Windows Phone, the Marketplace has surpassed 40,000 apps, up from 35,000 in October.

On average around 165 apps are being added per day, and in the last 30 days around 15% of submissions were games. At the current rate AAWP excepts the app number to hit 50k in the second half of January.

While 40,000 apps may have been published, around 5,500 have been removed from the Marketplace by the publishers or Microsoft, and some are restricted to certain regions. The maximum number of apps available to anyone is around 34,000.

AAWP attributes the spur in growth to Mango and renewed developer interest in the platform. With the Nokia Lumia 800 attracting strong interest too, that number is only going to grow more rapidly in the future. Sure, Windows Phone still can’t touch the six figure numbers boasted by Apple and Android, but it’s about quality vs quantity, right?

Check out the source link below for the full rundown on the numbers, plus exciting pie and bar charts.

Source: All About Windows Phone via Slashgear