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Windows Phone roadmap leak points to autumn launch for Apollo

NoDo, Mango, Tango, Apollo. A leaked Microsoft roadmap obtained by WMPowerUser looks to point to the future of all things Windows Phone shaped – for 2012 at least.

Though some way off, Apollo tantalisingly looks to bring higher-end features to the table, improving support for business users and ‘superphones’. What this means exactly remains to be seen; we’d like to see the bar being raised on some of those minimum specs so we could one day have a Windows Phone phone with a resolution higher than 800 x 480.

An Xbox gaming phone, with a quad-core chip for accelerated graphics and an HD AMOLED display would be very very welcome in our 2012 Christmas stocking.

As with Mango this year, Apollo looks set to land sometime in Q4, around the end of September/start of October, at the earliest.

Tango, as we’d previously heard, brings up the low-end, with Microsoft focusing on “products with the best prices”. Nokia’s Lumia 710 looks to best exemplify this, threatening to undercut the rest of the Windows Phone competition.

Windows Phone Tango, like NoDo before it, will be a smaller software update that will iron out a few quick fixes. Apollo, the main event, will arrive later in the year like Mango did. It could be that Microsoft is starting to set out a regular update timetable for Windows Phone. It’d be interesting to see if the annual cycle of minor/Q2, major/Q4 is repeated going forwards.

Source: WMPowerUser

Main image credit: Flickr user Kiraca


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