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Windows Phone Tango to be aimed at budget smartphones

Windows Phone Tango, the much-rumoured follow-up to the Windows Phone Mango update (are you spotting a pattern, here?) will reportedly be a stripped-back version of the Windows Phone 7 OS aimed at lower-end WP7 handsets, according to a report from ZDNET.

According to ZDNET’s Mary-Jo Foley, author of the site’s All About Microsoft blog, Tango will be “all about Nokia”, a not-so-surprising development in the wake of Microsoft’s partnering with the Finnish telecomms giant back in February. According to Foley’s anonymous sources, Tango is to be “focussed on hitting the lower-price point for Windows Phones that Microsoft and Nokia execs have been promising.”

Tango had been thought to be the next update but one for the Windows Phone platform – the Gingerbread update to Mango’s FroYo – and was expected to land sometime between the Mango update in September and Windows Phone 8 (codenamed ‘Apollo’) at a later date. However, ZDNET’s sources question whether Tango will even see a proper release in the States and Europe:

“…the Tango release may be focussed largely or even exclusively on the Asian market” writes Foley. “Tango is likely considered a more minor release, given that Apollo/Windows Phone 8, is (last I heard) a late 2012 deliverable.”

If that’s right, then it doesn’t sound like the Windows faithful over here will be missing out on much with the absence of Tango. Ears will remain closely pressed to the ground for rumblings of Windows Phone Banjo, however.



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