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Windows Phone now includes support for 1080p displays and quad-core processors

One of the key problems with Windows Phone is a lack of fast and consistent update from Microsoft, but at least the company is trying to make amends. Microsoft says that Update 3 for Windows Phone 8 will be rolling out to all handsets in the coming months.

What exactly does Update 3 bring to the table? 1080p support, for one. That will give people bigger Start screens to play with, as there’s now space for six Live Tiles instead of four. More space ultimately means there’s more room to pin apps and contacts, but it could potentially get pretty cluttered to.

In addition, Update 3 adds support for Qualcomm’s quad-core processors, giving Windows Phone a speed bump that it didn’t necessarily need. Still, it’s good to have that kind of horsepower for future proofing. Other improvements include a new Driving Mode, which will reign in phone notifications until you’ve reached our destination, plus new accessibility options that should make the ecosystem more user friendly for those with visual impairments.

There’s also tighter hotspot integration for Windows 8.1 users. Anyone pairing the phone over Bluetooth with their PC will have automatically have access to Internet Sharing instead of having to turn it on. Microsoft has also extended custom ringtones, added a rotation lock, and made it easier to free up storage space.

Handsets running Windows Phone 8 will be updated in the coming weeks and months, but exact availability will depend on network approval.


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