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Wordfeud: Scrabble-esque fun on your Android phone

Wordfeud is a multiplayer word game for Android that’s very similar to Scrabble, Lexulous, Wordscraper, Literati and many others.

You can play Wordfeud with total strangers or invite friends to play via email. There’s no time limit in between turns, so both parties can take their turns as and when it suits them. Players who have more time on their hands can have up to 20 games going on at any time.

Visually it’s very simple and clean, as it should be, and you can zoom in and out of the board simply by tapping on the screen. In the settings you can choose to have notifications of when opponents have taken their turns pushed to your status bar, so you can dash off devastating Triple Word Score ripostes while checking for texts and emails.

You can choose to play on a standard grid, where the special word score tiles are laid out in a conventional manner, or on one where the score tiles are randomly scattered across the grid.

Wordfeud is currently only available as a free version, and as such has ads that can’t be turned off. If this doesn’t bother you then there’s no problem but we’d like to see a paid/donate version of this at some point.

Best of all, Wordfeud supports all versions of Android down to 1.5, so if you’re still waiting for an update you can at least play this game.


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