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Words With Friends arrives on Android: Play against your iPhone-owning mates

Popular Scrabble-esque timewaster Words With Friends has finally been given the Android treatment. It’s available to download from the Android Market now for free, and works on devices running Android 1.6 Donut and above. That’s pretty much every Android phone out there.

Best of all, it allows you to play games against mates with iPhones. So you can finally join the cult of Words With Friends, and give Apple fanbois and girls a propper drubbing at the same time.

The rules are simple, and will be instantly familiar to anyone whose played Scrabble, Scrabulous or Wordfeud before. You get seven letter tiles each turn to make up words with. Words are placed down on a grid, and new words have to follow on from ones previously placed. You have played Scrabble before right?

Usual bonuses like double letter and triple word apply here; tactical positioning of your tiles is every bit as important as knowing clever words like ‘axiom’ and ‘zephyr’.

Currently, there’s only a free ad-supported version available. This means you’ll have to sit through an ad after each of your goes. A small price to pay for the amount of time you will spend playing on this (and you will spend a lot of time). But one that could get annoying after a while; we’re hoping that a premium version gets rolled out soon.

For anyone out there wanting to challenge this writer, my WWF username is ‘Doubting Thomas’. I will beat you, so don’t even try.


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