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Words With Friends update connects to Facebook on iPhone and iPad

You can now challenge your Facebook friends to a war of words through their latest update on both your iPhone and iPad.

With a new Facebook Connect feature, it will now join up your Words With Friends (WWF) account, adding your friend’s profile pics and names in the games list, and start games with friends who already dabble in the life-stealing pursuit of WWF.

Version 4 of the game That’s Not Officially Scrabble also adds multitasking function to the HD iPad version. (Both are the same price, if that helps you decide which version to get.)

Older moves are now displayed first, so you don’t lose sight of that tense word-war of attrition that’s stretched over months with some Canadian with god-given spelling skills. (Or random word guessing powers.)

The function isn’t yet available for the Android version of the app, but we’re sure that will arrive in the near future, we hope alongside an advert-free, paid-for version.

We’re looking forward to playing with our real-life friends more, and less random strangers. Except for English Lit graduate mates- they’re bound to cheat.


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