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World of Goo for iPhone: Smaller goo, with pinch and zoom, and on sale

Known to many as the best game on the iPad, World of Goo has managed to cram itself into your iPhone, in a new non-HD version. (It still looks as good, mind, it’s just a smaller screen.)

The game plays like a sort of puzzle, with some Lemmings-esque dynamics, you need to clear up at the goos, by connecting them to each other and spreading webby bridges up to an exit pipe. It’s relatively simple to explain, harder to execute.

World of Goo is compatible with your iPhone 4 retina display, and there a few extra goodies for those that have waited to play it on the small screen.

Developers 2D Boy promise an extra character especially for iPhone players- but you’ll only get to see that if you complete the whole thing- there’s five chapters, each composed of plenty of levels.

Finish all of them, and there’s always the OCD; Obsessive Completion Distinction- a special (often taxing) condition to complete the level. This can range from how much ‘goo’ you save to time limits and more.

To celebrate it’s release on iPhone, World of Goo is on sale; 59p for the iPhone only veriosn, or £3.99 for the full-screen iPad version, that’s also compatible with your phone. These prices are for a limited time only, so rush!


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