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World’s smallest Android device with Facebook

Think the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini is the smallest Android gadget? Think again. Wimm Labs has developed possibly the world’s smallest Android device, complete with a touchscreen and Facebook.

The Wimm Platform is currently a product development model for a compact Android-based device that offers many of the features of a smartphone using a selection of Micro Apps, such as Called ID, SMS Preview, Lost Phone Warning and Calendar.

Despite measuring 32x36x12.5mm and weighing just 22g, it packs a 1.4-inch colour touchscreen. Connectivity is excellent too, with WiFi and Bluetooth along with an Accelerometer and Magnetometer for motion tracking. It’s also water resistant and will work across Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.

Wimm is currently working with developers to create Micro apps for the device, below is a preview video of it running the Facebook App. Sure, it’s tiny, but you can still read comments and look at photographs.



Because it’s only a platform at the moment, no actual consumer products have been made, although Wimm has a few concepts such as a pendant, belt clip and watch. In the future the company is hoping to license the platform to be used in devices such as an athletic watch, business commands and payment automation.

Dave Morring comments: We’ve created an incredibly powerful, yet small, modular device that can be embedded into a wide variety of consumer products. Combined with customisable applications and a branded web interface, the WIMM Labs Platform give licensees the ability to create more personal, intuitive and valuable connections with customers,”

What do you think of the WIMM Platform? Can you imagine checking Facebook by just looking down at your wrist, or making payments?

Via: Know Your Mobile


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