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WWF launches virtual gift animals as iPhone apps

Want to support wildlife charity the WWF? Buy a panda! No, not from some dodgy bloke who imports them. That’s BAD and WRONG. We mean buy a virtual panda on your iPhone. Or a penguin.

Confused? We’ll explain. The WWF has teamed up with Little World Gifts to create two iOS apps: WWF Panda Collection Tin and WWF Adélie Penguin.

Each features a 3D virtual animal which can be spun around, zoomed in on, and saved as your wallpaper. There are also sharing features, so you can send it to a friend via Facebook, Twitter or email.

The apps also give you more information on the WWF and its current campaigns. Most importantly, though, the charity will be making money from every sale, at £1.79 a pop.

Oh, both apps are Universal too, so they’ll also work on your iPad.


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