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Xbox Video on-demand lets Windows Phone 8 owners get Fast and Furious

Xbox Video, Microsoft’s on-demand TV and movies service is now available on Windows Phone 8, letting Lumia 1020 owners get Fast and Furious on the go. 

The subscription free service, which works on a pay per view basis, can now be downloaded for free in app form from the Windows Phone Store. Titles can either be streamed or downloaded for offline viewing for when data connections aren’t available. 

Xbox Video gives users access to a library of titles including Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy as well as recent blockbuster hits like Elysium, Kick Ass 2 and, er, softcore porn parody Batbabe: The Dark Knightie. Yes, really. 

Xbox Video on-demand lets Windows Phone 8 owners get Fast and Furious with soft porn
According to IMDb, The Dark Knightie sees BatBabe facing up to her nemesis The Jerker. We’re not making this up.

A great feature of Xbox Video is that like many video on demand services, viewers benefit from virtual bookmarking. Meaning you can start watching a film on a Windows 8.1 tablet, carry on watching on a Windows Phone 8 phone and then finish off on your Xbox One or Xbox 360. 

Xbox Video will also work with the SmartGlass apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, meaning you’ll be able to use your phone as a smart remote when you carry on frome where you left off. See our hands-on video shot by our colleagues at Recombu Digitial for an idea of how this works. 

Avid gamers who’ve already signed up to Season Pass will also get new episodes automatically added to collections, so you don’t have to keep checking back. 

Download Xbox Video from Windows Phone Store now. 


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