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XGIMI Z4 Aurora Home Theatre Projector unboxing: 300-inch 4K 3D awesomeness

Our first look unboxing of the XGIMI Z4 Aurora, an Android-based home theatre projector that can transform any surface into a mighty 300-inch screen, complete with 4K and 3D support.

The XGIMI Z4 Aurora has been live and kicking in Asia for a while now, but has just hit Indiegogo to raise awareness ahead of its UK launch. If you’re after a proper home theatre setup then we recommend backing the Aurora, because this is one seriously impressive projector that boasts better features than most rival machines.

With the ability to project a ridiculously large 300-inch HD image onto any capable surface, you’ll get a proper cinema-style experience in your homestead. 4K video is supported, as are 3D movies – and you get two pairs of sexy 3D glasses included in the box, so you can get stuck straight in. And with built-in Harmon Kardon audio, you’ll get some powerful sound out of the box too.

The Z4 Aurora runs an Android-based OS so you can stream video from the likes of Netflix, while the dual HDMI ports allow you to hook up consoles and other devices. There’s even support for gesture control, while a Bluetooth remote is bundled in case you don’t fancy waving your arms about to change the volume.

Check out our full unboxing video and first look at the XGIMI Z4 Aurora below.


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