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Xobni Mobile now available on BlackBerry: Contacts book on crack

If you’ve ever found yourself scrabbling back through your BlackBerry inbox for the address of someone you know for a fact you emailed once in 2008, then the newly-launched Xobni for BlackBerry may be just what you need.

Xobni is a handy, stat-happy Outlook plug-in which pulls out contact details from email signatures, address books and social networking profiles, and amalgamates them so you can quickly and easily lay your hands on the contact details of everyone you’ve ever emailed. It also ranks contacts based on how frequently you exchange emails, leading to a plethora of juicy information about who your most contacted contact is, what time of day you exchange most emails with them and so on. Great for statistics nerds like yours truly.

Xobni Mobile does all this for your BlackBerry inbox, but also takes text messaging and calling in to account when updating and ranking your contacts. So you end up with, basically, a pumped up address book bursting with up-to-date contact information and an idea of who your favourite people in the world are.

As if that wasn’t enough juicy contact amalgamation goodness for you, there’s another option too; Xobni One. This premium add-on shares all the ranking and contact data between your BlackBerry and your PC Outlook account, so you have all your information about everyone, everywhere you go. Phew. Overload.

Xobni Mobile is available to buy today from – the standalone Xobni app will set you back a one-off fee of £6.50 ($9.99), or if you opt for Xobni One as well, you’ll pay a one-off fee of around £4.50 ($6.99) and then about £2.60 ($3.99) per month for the pleasure. It is currently compatible with the BlackBerry Tour, BlackBerry Curve 8900 and the BlackBerry Bold and Storm series handsets.