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Xoom 2 and new Motorola phones leaked on Motorola’s own site

Several new phones from Motorola were revealed alongside a Xoom sequel- but pictures were bizarrely leaked on its own site.

Pocketnow were able to screengrab some details from from Motorola Mobility’s own site; including news on a curvier Xoom Android tablet.

Photos also showed several skinny phones, though it isn’t know whether these devices – codenamed Slimline and Zaha – will be simpler feature phones or smartphones.

In fact, there’s no information at all on the new devices’ specifications.

One final addition is a bizarre-looking watch-phone. They wouldn’t be the first, though we like the Dick Tracy-style codename; Tracy XL.

Besides being snapped on Moto’s own site; PocketNow were requested to remove the images, which means they must’ve have been right on the money.

Aside from a big publicity push for the multi-functional, multi-docking Atrix, new phone-wise, it’s been relatively quiet from Motorola recently. 

We’re hoping to see more on these leaked handsets later this year.


Source: PocketNow

Pictures reproduced from Engadget


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