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Xperia Arc gets ready for the summer with Elecom waterproof case

Sony Ericsson’s snappy happy Xperia Arc will soon be getting a waterproof shell, courtesy of Japanese accessory company Elecom.

The new case is borrowing a few design cues from Nintendo’s Wiimote- including a wrist strap.

You’ll still be able to operate the touchscreen- even underwater- something that the Sony Ericsson’s recently announced Xperia Active looks set to offer its users right out of the box. There’s also openings around the phone for access to the camera aperture, volume rocker, cable access and the rest.

Elecom say the case will also keep out dust and sand, perhaps making the Xperia Arc into a perfect cameraphone for beach getaways.

We’ve been impressed with the Xperia Arc’s camera chops, and a protective case would mean the camera would certainly get more use.

There’s no price announced just yet, and you may have to chase Japan tech stores or the internet to get your hands on one in the UK. But we’d still like to get our hands on one.

Via: Xperia Blog


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