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Xperia Play shows off its gaming chops: Havok physics engine, coming to Android phones

As expected, it wasn’t long before the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play started flexing its gaming muscles.

Though it won’t be packing the sheer oomph of some dual-core Android phones, there will be a separate graphics chip to ensure smooth, quality gaming on what was previously dubbed the PlayStation Phone.

Developers have now released a video of what they’ve accomplished so far; the Havok physics engine, which gives all those flying bodies and crashing cars their realistic motions and dynamics, has been ported to Android.

In the demo video, three different games are shown, though they’re most certainly demos, with sparse environments and not much going on.

The first shows a driving game, where a car crashes through a bill-board, and the second is some sort of Gorilla destruction catapult played in an American football field. (No, we don’t know why either, but looks like a future gaming sensation.)

The third game shows the gamer controlling a character in a 3D environmnet, climbing around and generally being adventurous. Animations curiously look a lot like Asassin’s Creed. Is that a hint?

See the full demonstration below. Not long until we get to the full Xperia Play gaming experience here. Stay with Recombu for our own review and impressions in the very near future.

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