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Xperia XA unboxing and hands-on review

Sony Xperia XA UK unboxing and hands-on review: We unbox, set up and play with the Xperia XA, Sony’s latest affordable Android phone and the cheapest handset from the new Xperia X smartphone range.

We’ve already reviewed Sony’s 2016 flagship phone, the Xperia X, which costs less than a standard flagship phone but packs all of the features consumers demand like a powerful 23-megapixel camera and a sharp Full HD screen.

But if you’re after something cheaper, check out the Sony Xperia XA instead. At just under £250 here in the UK, the Xperia XA offers slick design and some solid features to rival handsets like the Moto G4 Plus. Here’s our full Xperia XA specs listing, unboxing and hands-on review.

For all you need to know about the Xperia XA and the rest of Sony’s Xperia X series, check out our Xperia X hub.

Sony Xperia XA specs

The Sony Xperia XA features quite cut-down specs compared with the Xperia X and other Sony handsets. Here’s the Xperia XA specs in full:

5-inch 720p screen

64-bit Mediatek P10 processor


16GB storage

MicroSD memory card slot

13-megapixel rear camera

5-megapixel selfie camera

2300mAh battery

Sony Xperia XA UK unboxing and hands-on review

Here’s our Xperia XA unboxing and hands-on review, where we set up and explore the Xperia XA’s slick interface and check out that gorgeous edge-to-edge design.

Sony Xperia XA vs other phones

Check out our full Xperia X comparison review to see how the Xperia XA stacks up against the Xperia X, Xperia X Performance and Xperia XA Ultra (a phablet-sized version of the Xperia XA with a super-sexified selfie camera).


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