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XTetrys for Android: Cut and paste falling shapes

With Tetris clones now purged from the Android Market following Google’s giant banhammer the number of falling shape games available has dwindled somewhat. XTetrys is one of the better ‘random coloured shapes falling from the sky’ games to survive the ban. Developers walar might want to change the name though…

XTetrys has a nice cut and paste/scrap paper aesthetic (think Doodle Jump) and isn’t really anything like Tetris at all. It’s got more in common with colour matching games like Bejeweled as the object of the game is to match four shapes of the same colour to make them dissapear from the field.

The shapes won’t necessarily stay in one place once they’re put down. Make a bunch of shapes disappear from beneath a top heavy stack of polygons and everything comes tumbling down in a big old mess. It’s pleasing to watch gravity do its thing and it’s almost impossible to predict where everything will end up. This makes for a less predictable game than Tetris as you’re not forever waiting around for the big long one to arrive so you can get loads of points. XTetrys is free to download from the Android Market now.


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