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Yaaargh! Pirate’s Treasure gets hearty on iPhone

Heard of twin-stick shooters? It’s a game genre which on iPhone means two virtual analogue sticks in the bottom corners of the screen: one to control your character’s movement, and one to aim their great big gun.

It generally is a great big gun.

The latest example is a golden example of the genre. Literally. Pirate’s Treasure puts you in the boots of a grizzled pirate collecting gold doubloons while laying waste to enemies left, right and centre (and all points in between).

It also has a bit more depth than other twin-stick shooters, thanks to a Campaign mode that sets you specific challenges on each level, such as surviving for a certain length of time, or killing a set number of enemies.

You can also buy upgrades with your booty (the pirate kind, not the Beyonce kind), and compare your high scores to other iPirates around the world. At £1.19, it’s well worth a look.


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