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Yahoo! Messenger and Mail! for Android!

Google’s search rival and exclaimation mark fan Yahoo! has just released a pair of apps for the Android platform.

Yahoo! Messenger is an IM client that allows you to chat to people on your Yahoo! IM friend list from your Android phone. It works well: messages are sent and received quickly, the notifcation ping noise can be turned on and off in settings and, naturally, there’s a large selection of emoticons – so you can smiley/sad face away to your heart’s content.

The Yahoo! Messenger app can run in the background while you get on with other things. Conversations will be saved so if someone texts or calls you can pick up where you left off.

It’s worth noting that Yahoo! Messenger is speedy over Wi-Fi and 3G but, perhaps unsurprisingly, less so over EDGE and GPRS. We also found that sending images to friends via Yahoo! Messenger was a bit problematic – you’re better off attaching pics to an email in Yahoo! Mail instead.

Yahoo! Mail, again, does what it says on the tin. You can read, compose and send emails from your phone as well as upload and download pictures and attachments. Contacts are drawn from your Yahoo! address book and any other you have on your phone. It runs in the background and supports push notifications, so you’ll get a little reminder popping up in the taskbar every time you get a new email.

We really liked how both of the apps are integrated and work with each other. Hitting the menu key in either app will bring up a list of options including a shortcut which will allow you to quickly jump from Messenger to Mail and vice versa. Great if you’re chatting away to someone and need to quickly email them a picture of a lolcat you snapped on your phone.

Both the Yahoo! Messenger and Mail apps are designed for Android phones running 2.0/Eclair or higher and are free to download from the Android Market.

[Source: MobileCrunch]


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