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Yellow Jacket is a shockingy good smartphone stun-gun

Meet the Yellow Jacket — a smartphone protective case that’s also a stun-gun.

Some smartphone cases are designed to protect whatever handset you put inside them. Others, like the Yellow Jacket, go a bit further. Yes, folks, meet the smartphone case that’s also a 650,000-volt stun-gun.

Yellow Jacket smartphone-stun-gun - because you're worth it...

Devised by US Army veteran Seth Froome, the Yellow Jacket redefines the term ‘protective case’, offering smartphone owners the ability to inflict a new level of ‘surprise’ on any whey-faced goon that pops up out of the dark demanding their phone.

Froome’s reasoning behind Yellow Jacket is solid: in any violent crime scenario these days, the item closest to hand for most potential victims is their smartphone – a conclusion he came to after being robbed at gunpoint himself. And his reasoning gained pubic support, with a successful $100,000 Indigogo campaign to see the Yellow Jacket become an electrifying reality following suit shortly afterwards.

Still working as a standard phone protector, the case-with-a-kick also features an outsized battery pack that can be used to charge said smartphone or, via toggle switch, to charge the case and summon forth 1mA of non-lethal current, bringing about the lightning re-education of opportunistic wrong-uns.

Yellow Jacket - a truly stunning idea

“We believe good people shouldn’t be taken advantage of, and we’re doing our part to help combat the violent crime epidemic,” a statement on the company’s official website reads, like a call to electric-arms.

Obviously – and we can’t state this enough – illegal in the UK, the Yellow Jacket is available in the US for the iPhone 4 and 4S at $99, but an extended range will arrive soon with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 leading the charge…


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